Film Props, Miniatures and Model making

I started on the bottom rung of the movie magic ladder back in 1996 as work experience as a model maker and since then I've progressed onward and upward, working on a ton of productions here in Australia .

I've worked with various film studios  on feature-length films, commercials and television series for about a decade now--I take every opportunity I can to help build hopefully the best films in the World.

You can check out my basic web folio below, showing many but not all productions I have worked on.

Pitch Black - 2000

Mission: Impossible II - 2000

Moulin Rouge - 2001

Queen of the Damned - 2002


Scooby Doo - 2002

Operation Wolverine: Seconds to spare - 2002 {TV}

Ghost Ship - 2002

Peter Pan - 2003

Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid - 2004

House of Wax - 2005

Superman Returns - 2006

The Condemned - 2007

Fools Gold - 2008



The Ruins - 2008







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